Homemade baby food: is it right for you?

Although it is the responsibility of the mother to feed a child, nature has still equipped us with an internal food resource with amazing properties that adapt to nutrition for life and we all know what that resource is. We have proven that breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies, not only in humans, but in all mammals. Despite experts’ suggestions to feed babies with breast milk for 6 months, few enthusiastic mothers prefer to add a solid external diet after the fourth month. Instead of getting into the debate about when to start baby food, let’s understand what baby food is all about. It is also important to know the correct source between homemade baby food and store-bought food.

While the baby has few activities, breast milk or formula were sufficient. However, with a progression in the child’s activities, additional nutrition is also required, especially in the first year for the necessary growth and bone development. Feeding capacities also increase in a baby over the months and parents must begin to accommodate the necessary solids in a child’s diet.

Why is it necessary to make homemade baby food?

Although much effort is required to make baby food at home, it has deserving benefits.

· Affordable and economical: if the food is manufactured in several batches keeping additional units for later, the home-made product certainly saves money, since there is a large price difference between these two foods.

· Nutritious: you are the one who decides what to include in your baby’s food and what does not have complete control over what the baby consumes. This results in the baby being fed nutritious foods without preservatives, sodium-filled, food-grade dyes, etc., that are not necessary for them and are not nutritious. Children who are vulnerable to allergies are safe.

Too many options: as pediatricians suggest that they know all the foods a baby adults eat before the ninth month, we have many options to try to get used to the child. You do not have to settle with the limited options of baby foods available in the market. Instead, you can mix several ingredients so that the food is healthy and tasty.

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