Ways to reduce calories and keep enjoying your meal

The following are ways that you can effortlessly eliminate calories from your daily intake without feeling deprived. Eating healthy is about making conscious decisions when you go to the grocery store, plan your meals or sit down to eat.

Have breakfast! If you do not feel hungry in the morning, you can have a healthy shake. You will not feel like you’re eating a meal, but it will break the nighttime fast and accelerate your metabolism. If you miss your morning meal, you will be hungry at lunchtime and end up eating too much food at the same time.
Eat like a bird. It is better to eat small meals during the day instead of waiting and eating a huge meal. Eating too much food at one time is very difficult for digestion. Your body has to work hard to break down large amounts of food. If you eat small meals during the day, you will have a high and constant energy level and will keep your blood sugar level at a constant and safe level. If you plan to consume alcohol, it will not put you on an empty stomach.
Move your body. Keeping your body moving keeps your metabolism working for you. This will not only keep you in a better state of mind, but it will also help burn the ingested calories. A moving body also helps digestion.
If you choose to cheat with alcohol or additional dessert, you can say that it is okay, but that means an additional half hour in the gym. The choice of ingesting extra empty calories should be balanced with additional activity.
Drinking water!! Water is like a wonder drug. If you let your body become dehydrated, you will suffer many harmful effects. If your blood pressure goes down and you let yourself become dehydrated, you may pass out. Spring water is probably the best option and adding a bit of squeezed lemon will raise the pH balance, which works wonders for your body. A trick that you can try to avoid overeating at a meal is to drink a large glass of cold water nice 15 or 20 minutes before eating. You can add sugar-free flavoring to your water if you do not like to drink plain water. Remember, although coffee is made with water, it does not count for hydration and, certainly, no pop drink counts!
Snack time. Life is pretty busy for most of us and finding time to eat a proper meal can be a challenge. You do not want to spend too much time between meals, so small snacks work wonders to keep your metabolism running. Carry a healthy snack that is not loaded with fat or sugar. Women need to maintain a snack between 80 and 100 calories and men between 100 and 120.
Think about the future If you are eating outside, choose a place where you know you can get a healthy, balanced meal. When you’re in the grocery store, just buy foods that you know are healthy, good choices. If there is no junk food in the house, you will not be tempted to consume empty calories.
All you can eat. This is a dangerous place to eat. The food looks great and even taking small amounts of some options will overload your plate in a hurry. Then there is the temptation to make a return trip. NO, NO … Do you still feel hungry? Wait 10 minutes before eating more food. If after waiting for your food to digest a little and be distracted from the delicious foods that are cooked behind the shield, you are still a little hungry, then go ahead, but only one or two very small tastings. If you feel you should eat a dessert, choose a little fruit or something without sugar. Remember that sugar-free desserts usually have additional fat content to make up for the missing sugar fever, so eat a small portion.
Avoid empty calories (like junk food). Eat foods that have nutritional value and fiber content. Empty calories do not stop hunger, add tons of unnecessary calories and cost a lot. If you eat foods that have real value, you will keep them feeling fuller longer and fill them quickly. This way you can eat less food effortlessly.
Enjoy your meal. Part of enjoying others and your company is sharing meals. Enjoy the food you eat, but remember to think about healthy food choices when ordering or filling your plate at a party. It is not necessary to be afraid of food. The food is something to enjoy. If you know you have made a good selection of foods, you can relax and enjoy how you taste the food without feeling guilty. When you’re full … STOP eating.

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